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Transition Town Ilford and the Transition Network is a movement that is positive. We believe in the assets we have in Ilford, rather than looking for any lack.  Working with partners is central to what we do and every project involves a wide cross section of people and local organisations. 

Here’s a list of some of the groups and organisations that we have worked with:

Sophia Hubs                          GoodGym 

Redbridge Green Fair           Climate Emergency Centre

Salvation Army                       Colours of Redbridge

Cranbrook Baptist Church


Crew Energy


Planet Falafel

Roots & Permaculture

Frenford Clubs

Vine Church


Redbridge CVS

Transition Leytonstone


Mayor of London


TTI is mostly funded in two ways: through donations from supporters, and by grant funding. Grant funding helps us to deliver projects and makes a contribution to core costs, while donations are vital for our core funding.

TTI accepts funding from a broad range of sources, including local, regional and national government and public sector bodies, charitable trusts and foundations, and academic institutions.

We're incredibly grateful to everyone who supports our work.

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