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Blooming Repair Cafe

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Happy customers with mended radio, CD player, clock, coat, necklace and laptop!

We never know who is coming and what they are bringing, so it’s always interesting!

As part of Repair Week we did our bit to share tips on repairs and of course mend some stuff to prevent landfill. We also have the Energy Café there giving tips about energy saving measures… so the space was rather full as always!

Some highlights from this week:

• Alin, visited for the first times as a library volunteer and he will be trying to fix laptop software repairs with Aaron from now on.

• A large speaking clock belonging to 99-year-old Margaret was mended by Shilpa – the second hand was loose, and it didn’t work.

• An asylum seeker Kelvin Jose came for the first time to get his phone fixed (this is just an occasional service) and then repaired Francis’s CD player.

• Rosemary put in a 2nd zip on Suma’s coat as an easy way to deal with the broken zip problem.

• Eight-year-old Humaira’s laptop was fixed by Syed

• Alvin mended Louise’s radio and Julie mended Jean’s much-loved necklace.

And lots more!!!

How many conversations took place? A hundred or more. How many people gained some knowledge in fixing things – probably over 20. How much community spirit? Buckets full!

Thanks to repairers on the day: Alvin, Dilip, Hamant, Shilpa, Rosemary, Julie, KJ, Alin, Junaid, Syed, Ed, Michael and all those that helped to run the show including Shilpa, Saroj and Ros.

We tend to mend broken portable electrical items, sewing repairs, jewellery but will actually try anything and we have people we can call on with specific skills such as photography equipment, books that need specialist sewing repairs…. We have rivet gun, glues, putty for mending ceramics…..

Keep an eye on the website for dates. If you are not sure whether we can fix your item, email us on or text a picture and info to 07957 534908.

The Energy Café always runs at the same time so maybe get some support and tips from them and see what happens at the Repair Café at the same time.

Next Repair Cafe will be on 8th April and 22nd April. Don't miss out!

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