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Check out Permablitz locally in Ilford

Ilford Transition Town (ITT) are going to the Forest Farm Peace Garden  in Ilford to join their spring permablitz. This is a follow up from their previous permablitz in October 2017. Then a lasagne mulch was created and they planted some green manures.

This spring permablitz is going to see the planting of some unusual edible perennials according to a modified forest garden design, setting up an irrigation system and creating some children’s play and exploration elements for the garden.

There will be mini-workshops on combining plants according to permaculture guilds and an explanation of the design.

DetailsDate:  24 March 2018 Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Venue: Forest Farm Peace Garden, Hazelbrouck Gardens, Hainault IG6 2XL

RSVP Essential: if you want to come along book here

What is permablitz?

A permablitz involves a group of people meeting up for the day to:

  1. Typically create or develop a community or household edible, wildlife-friendly garden, according to a permaculture design. Permablitzes can also involve sustainable non-food growing projects. For example, eco-friendly builds such as making compost toilets or retro-fits of existing homes as well as growing fibre for clothes or planting for fuel.

  2. Learn about permaculture and gardening through skills shares and mini-workshops

  3. Build community networks

  4. Share a delicious lunch

  5. and have lots of fun

They are organised on a voluntary basis – no one is paid and its free to come along. To find out more look at the Permablitz London website, where I got this information to share.

forest peace garden

Forest Farm Peace Garden

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