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Energy Champions Training

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Everyone is talking about “the cost of living crisis”. Many people are finding it hard to make ends meet, especially to pay their energy bills with high and increasing energy prices.

We know too that we need to find ways to use less energy produced from fossil fuels (gas, coal, oil etc) if we are to limit the effects of Climate Change.

In response to these challenges, earlier this year, with the help of a grant from the London Community Energy Fund Transition Ilford joined forces with Vine URC church to offer a free Energy Champions training course.

A group of 12 trainees was recruited, mainly from Ilford based community organisations, and they met on May 8th for the first day of their training.

Sessions continued online and the training is now complete. It will end on July 2nd with a celebration and planning session.

Once they are trained the volunteers will run regular Energy Cafes in Ilford. These offer an informal, friendly way to give energy saving advice to people struggling with fuel bills. Alongside a cup of tea and a piece of cake, people can talk about the issues they have and are offered and get information on:

  • Saving energy and money by changing their fuel tariff or supplier,

  • Taking simple actions to make their home more energy efficient

  • Financial help they may be eligible to get.

We are delighted to say that Ilford Energy Cafe will be launched on Saturday July 16th.

It will join the Repair cafe at Ilford Library and will be open from 2pm to 3-30 pm. It will operate every other Saturday.

The Energy Champions who have been trained will be there, supported by a trained Energy Supervisor.

As well as a regular slot in the Library, the team of volunteers would love to run Energy Cafes in venues all over Ilford, for example, at Food Banks, places of worship and community centres, in fact, anywhere people gather. If you would like to invite the cafe to your venue, then contact us by email.

For more information about Energy cafes

SELCE (South East London Community Energy) runs them in a number of venues in SE London.

A recent evaluation has shown that energy Cafes are a very effective way of reaching and supporting people in fuel poverty.

Ruth Musgrave, TTI member

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