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Growing & Preserving Food Workshops

Transition Town Ilford Workshops 2020

An open invitation to attend our monthly workshops on growing, eating and preserving food

When: 10-30am to 12-30am on the following Saturdays

Where: Vine Community House, 6, Holstock Road, Ilford IG1 1LG (near McDonalds in central Ilford)


March 21st :  How to make seeds germinate successfully with Shilpa Patel

In this workshop we will prepare seeds to go into the “womb” of the earth

April 18th:  Growing herbs in containers, inside and outside with Ruth Musgrave and friends

In this workshop we will plant herbs in containers, plant microgreens using free or cheap seeds, soil and containers, and learn about herbs growing in the community garden.

May  16th: Fermenting Vegetables and Fermented drinks with  Begonia Belmonte

In this workshop we will explore a few ways to ferment vegetables; mostly cabbage, carrots and beets. We’ll also look at milk kefir

June 20th:  Compost and Cuttings with Peter Musgrave

In this workshop we will create and turn compost and make some cuttings(weather permitting this will be outside)

July 18th:  Bread Making with Fr. John Brown 

In this workshop we will make, bake and eat some bread using traditional methods and ingredients

August 15th: Jams and pickles with Shilpa Patel  and Denise Prior

In this workshop we willshow you how to preserve fruit and vegetables threw making jams and pickles

Sept  19th:  Cooking with Seeds.(poppy, linseed, basil, sesame etc) with Begonia Belmonte

In this workshop we will look into creating seed crackers with your favourite seeds as well as sprouting seeds.

Oct  17th:  Love Food Hate Waste with Olcay Aniker and Ghazala Mohammed

In this workshop we will make soup with leftover vegetables and try recipes for using other leftover food

Nov  21st:  Eating and Growing Raw Foods with Siobhan Ramjham

In this workshop we will share the benefits of including Raw foods and juices in our diet and how you can do this

The workshops are free but at each session there will be a box for donations to help towards costs.

To give us an idea of numbers please register at  Eventbrite  or email

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