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Listen to the trees, keep an open heart…

An event in Ilford to mark One World Week 2018

Wednesday 24 October at 7pm / 3 Auckland Rd, Ilford IG1 4SF

All welcome to come, but we can only squeeze 15-20 in our home, so do please RSVP

Epping Forest

This year the focus of One World Week is on the awareness that we’re undermining the ability of the Earth system to support human development.

Forests are amazing ecosystems where trees communicate with each other through their roots and sometimes offer each other care and nutrients. Forests take Carbon dioxide out of the air, protect the soil from erosion and landslides, and some say also attract rain.

In One World week this year we want to share our passion for trees. We will both mourn the loss of so much forest, and also celebrate some of the wonderful initiatives in tree planting from Africa, Bangladesh, the Palestinian Territories and the UK.

We are members of Ilford Transition Town, an informal group of people with a vision for Ilford that’s vibrant, self sustaining, happy, green, connected and skillful. We see ourselves as part of the Transition movement that has a positive view for environmental and social issues that involves us living in a lower impact, more local and more collaborative way.

You are invited to our home. There will be light refreshments (and bring some to share).

This is the programme for the evening:

  1. We will hear about the benefits of forests, with stories and songs about trees (from around the world)

  2. We will hear a traditional Palestinian lament for cut down trees and a blog written after the Californian Forest fires there last December.

Great Green Wall of Africa

We will show a short film clip about the “Great Green Wall “of Africa. A belt of trees which, when complete, will 

stretch from the West all the way across the Sahel to the East.

  1. We will share stories of tree planting in Bangladesh

  2. We will give more information about the Mayors scheme to offer free trees to Community groups and talk about how we might be involved in that. The Mayor of London has offered free trees to community groups .. how about planting 50 small trees and shrubs in Ilford this winter?

  3. Come along and share your ideas and volunteer for some planting in Ilford in December

This year is the 40 anniversary of One World Week, an annual celebration of stories and people from around the world

Peter Musgrave / 0207 0417194 / 07943 986988

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