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Love the Cranbrook!

Our loving event 'Love the Cranbrook' joined the opening of Ellie's path had the Mayor of Redbridge attending and celebrating nature and the Cranbrook.

"Show the love" is a project of the Climate Coalition, held every year near Valentines Day. People make and share green hearts to share what they love about our planet. We celebrated it at the Forest Garden with these activities: Nature activities and seed planting, making a heart shape from plants and Cran Brook mini Festival.

The Cran Brook is a tiny stream running through Valentines Park and alongside our Forest Garden. We held a mini festival celebrating this tiny stream, which has fallen on bad times and is often polluted. The event included: Stories from the past of children playing in the Cran Brook in the 1960s A poem about the Cran Brook from the 1920s Blessing the water Planting a tree for the Queen’s Jubilee Sharing Show the Love – hearts

Civic leaders have been invited to attend, including Cllr. Jo Blackman, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Civic Pride.

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