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Loxford Children’s Centre Session

Ilford Energy Café which is a volunteer led advice desk set up by Transition Town Ilford had a good session at Loxford Children’s Centre on 7th October .

Parents from the Centre sought advice from the Café on how to save money on their utility bills, manage their overall energy cost, and were provided with advice as well as some practical tips about saving energy whilst cooking and keeping warm at home. All parents seeking advice were also provided with free LED bulbs.

Ilford Energy Café aims to help residents and communities in Ilford to reduce their energy bills, heat homes more efficiently and overall manage their energy consumption. We also aim to help all to adopt low-carbon technologies such as LED lighting, reflective radiator panels, and pipe lagging.

The energy cafe sessions help people to have a better understanding of their energy bills, cheaply retrofit their houses and save more money overall, whilst they reduce energy wastage and protect the environment.”

We aim to deliver more “household energy advice workshops for community members”, known as “energy cafes”, in public spaces so if your community Centre or organization may need one, please get in touch with us .

Written by Olcay Aniker

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