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Our meeting on clean air for Ilford and all

On Friday March 8th representatives of Transition Ilford met with Cllr John Howard ( Lead Cllr on the environment and clean air for LB Redbridge) and Cllr Farah Hussein, one of our ward councillors.

It was very good to learn about what the Borough is doing to promote clean air and to see how Transition Ilford can contribute to this.

We learned the Council is:

  1. Lobbying the Mayor of London to include the whole of Redbridge in the Ultra Low Emissions Zone when its second phase begins (2021).

  2. Introducing School Streets at all its primary schools. This Guide from Friends of the Earth gives info about the scheme. School Streets are a zone around the school which cars cannot enter at the times when children are going to school in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. Redbridge has received funding for the first 3 schools.

  3. Running an accreditation scheme on air quality in most primary schools in the borough called “Stars”. It is funded by TfL.

  4. Upgrading its vehicle fleet to be more energy efficient and lobbying TfL to include bus routes in Redbridge in its cleaner bus routes scheme.

  5. Having a consultation about clean air in the Borough in June. We suggested that they may like to come to The Green Fair and consult with people there. They were interested in this idea.

  6. Making Ley Street into a green Zone with better cycling lanes and a supercharging point for Electric cars.

It would be great to know if others are interested in getting involved in promoting clean air in the borough. Do email us at or text 07816 068947.


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