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Read Academy goes Green!

Read Academy, a Primary and Secondary school in Ilford, is passionate about caring for the planet. Their whole curriculum has sustainability running through it. Now they are teaming up with our Community Energy group and Crew Energy on an energy saving mission at their school.

Reducing energy in our buildings can play a big role in helping us slow climate change! By reducing their energy use they will also save money and educate their students.

Toby, from Crew, visited the school and gave advice to the Head about what energy saving measures would make most difference and reduce most carbon.

Crew will help the school to decide what work to do first and how to fundraise to get it done.

The school will also borrow our Thermal Imaging camera so that older students can use it to find out where the building is losing heat.

As well as working on Energy, the school is keen to promote growing plants and awareness of nature.. Years 5-6 students are helping on Friday mornings at our Forest Garden in Valentines Park. Most of them have never had the experience of working in a garden before. We very much enjoy having them and they enjoy coming too!

If your school or community building would like to take part in an energy saving project then get in touch with us. Equally if your school would like to visit and take part in activities at the Valentines Park Forest Garden we will be delighted to welcome you.

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