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Repair Cafe Extra Launch

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

While our popular Repair Café continues fortnightly in Ilford Library we are now launching Repair Café Extra.

Rosemary the Repairer will mend all sorts at home. She says: “Anything to do with clothes, fabrics, plastic – if I can make it last longer, I will.”

Rosemary will try anything to stop things being thrown away such as replacing coat zips and finding other uses for plastics rather than sending them to recycling.

See the photos of what Rosemary has repaired: Recycling boxes mended with cable ties, outdoor plastic container mended with discarded bath side panel, extra internal zip added to coats/jackets, curtains faded at edges resized, broken garden clogs….. and she upcycles things such as umbrellas turning them into shopping bags.

Mended recycle box

Stop charging cable from breaking

Mended garden clogs

Broken coat zip

Mended coat zip

Mended woolly socks

Socks with holes

Worn coat sleeves

How will it work?

Email us with a photo of your broken item and a little description We will send it to Rosemary. If she thinks she can have a go at mending it, we will let you know and if anything will need to be bought

(like a zip). We will let you know the results.

You can give a donation to Transition Town Ilford if you like – no pressure. So far we have had about £200 donations from grateful customers at our regular Repair Café. All this money goes towards our expenses and projects.

We are looking for more repairers to join our current team of repairers – Hamant, Dilip, Alvin, Shilpa and Beaulah. Get in touch if you are interested!

Finding the fabric for the mend

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