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Seedlings in Spring

How to sow and grow plants from seeds

A good way to save money is to grow your own plants from seeds.  These could be annuals, perennials, fruits or vegetables plants.

There are different types of seeds and each will have its own requirements.  Most will require the same needs.  If you are buying seeds then follow the directions on the seed packet.

You will need a container to plant your seed.  There are a variety of pots and trays that can be used.  What your container needs most importantly is to be well draining.  Next soil, I like to use a seed potting soil.  You can buy from any good nursery.

Look at the size of the seeds and decide on the hole or trench you want.  You might want to use a dibber stick or a pencil.  It is important to get depth right for planting.  A helpful tip make a hole 1 or 2 times the diameter of the seeds you have. Put your seeds evenly in the holes or trench.  Make sure the seeds have enough space so seedlings are not competing for space or light. Try not to cover very fine seeds.

Place your planted container in a greenhouse or a windowsill. The seedlings will germinate in a few days to several months, depending on what you are growing. Do not let the  soil dry out in the containers. If need be check daily.  Watering from the bottom  is better.

Give the seedlings enough light but not full sun. Make sure the soil is sufficiently moist and never soggy or too wet.

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