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“Show the Love” Frost is coming

February is the time when winter is still holding its grip.  I love a crisp winter morning after a hard frost that creates a sparkling white coating on all our garden plants.  It can look magical.  On the down side, frost can damage plant growth and kill plants susceptible to harsh cold.

What to do in our gardens to lessen the harm of a hard frost or late snow?  Here are some prevention tips that could help:-

  1. To guard against frost cover plants or the base of some plants. Anything will work, use an old blanket, a sheet or a jute sack. Drape the covering loosely and secure with stakes, rocks, or bricks.

  2. Cover tender garden plants in the evening to help keep heat in and protect them from freezing. Take the covers off once the sun comes out next morning.

  3. Water plants if you know a frost is coming a couple of days before hand.

  4. You can mulch your garden plants but not all tender plants will tolerate heavy mulching. Popular mulching materials that can be used include straw, pine needles, bark, and loosely piled leaves. Mulch helps to lock in moisture and during cold weather, holds in heat.

  5. Put your tender plants in a cold frame.

  6. Create your garden with raised beds. This can help guard plants against frost during cold temperatures. Cold air tends to collect in sunken areas rather than higher mounds. Raised beds also make covering of plants easier.

Remember that lots of plants are very resilient.  In March see if new leaves have sprouted before you cut back the affected parts of your plants.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the coming days.

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