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Taking control of the litter problem in Ilford seems to be a positive experience!

Four Ilford residents speak…

litterpick August


On Saturday 4th August, our neighbours of Brisbane Road and Quebec Road, Ilford gathered to do a litter pick supported by Neeta Kanagaratnam of CleanUpUK,  who is also a local resident.

Armed with pickers and bags we fanned out and started to collect litter.  We managed to collect 8 bags of waste, mostly made up of plastic bottles and discarded takeaway containers.

There was a great feeling of satisfaction for a job well done afterwards.  We all felt that we had made the place we live in better. It definitely brought us as neighbours closer together. We are planning to do another litter pick next month.



After 5 months of tidying our local streets assisted by the Litterati app, (really useful way of tracking rubbish back to the manufacturers, so they can see the impact) we decided it was time to call in some extra help! On a Saturday in November 2017 we were joined by 10 locals for an hour of litter-picking along Auckland Road. We really enjoyed this chance to meet new neighbours and reconnect with old ones.

Collectively we gathered eight bagfuls of rubbish and our road was looking positively radiant in the winter sun. Though we’d been picking up other people’s rubbish, we found it a very positive experience; the morning was all about owning the problem and being part of the solution.  


I’m a local resident and work for CleanupUK.  I support many resident litter picking groups in

Ilford and Redbridge.  Whilst the initial task is litter-picking, the bigger picture is to build community links and get people out from behind locked doors and working together towards a common goal, strengthening community spirit and looking after our environment.  If you would like to get involved p lease do get in touch” 07469 660 843 /


Rob and me sept 2016

I had a touching experience, when I went for a reflective morning walk round Valentines Park in June just after my brother died.  I noticed litter from the previous evening, and in honour of him I starting picking it up, because he always did that, even when he was very ill, debilitated and in pain.  I wanted to do it joyfully, without resentment, because that’s how he did it.  By the time I had got to the Cedar of Lebanon tree, I had picked up 3 small carrier bags.

A man sitting by the tree asked if I was being paid. I said not, and he thought I should be.  I told him I was doing it in honour of my brother and that I thought we all had a responsibility to be community minded. He thought that was nice, we chatted a bit and wished each other well.

I went on my way only to be stopped by a man with two young children, who had over-heard the conversation.  He wanted to know if there were groups picking up rubbish in the park because he would love to join with his children. He thinks it is important for his children to take responsibility like this. We chatted. He lives near me and we had loads in common. We exchanged details and I said I would put him in touch with Neeta and Liz. (Hopefully, Monsur will add his comments to this blog later)

I was very touched by this experience.  I had given, and I had received. Those two conversations were nourishing and just the sort of regular conversations my brother had when he was out and about. It was a lovely way to remember him.

Shilpa, Liz, Neeta and  Ros suggest you look at this video (quite old but the message is the same) and let us know if you want to start picking up rubbish, or look at ways to reduce it in the first place. 🙂

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