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Want to show love to Ilford's waterways?

Want to get involved in looking out for Ilford's brooks and the River Roding?   Want to know more about them? We are running a small pilot project this year promote and care for the Cran Brook in Valentines Park. 

💙Loving the Cran Brook - a new project for Ilford 💙

The Cran Brook runs from Newbury Park and emerges in Valentines Park just by our Forest Garden, and then flows on through the park and later, into the River Roding.

For this small pilot project, we are planning a waterways walking tour in Valentines Park that will be an opportunity to collect stories and knowledge of the Park’s waterways. This may be during our Forest Garden festival pencilled in for weekend of 31 August/1 September .  Or maybe we will do it sooner!  We will also be running some citizen science activities around the Cran Brook with the River Roding Trust….

It’s early days, but the point of this pilot project is to gather up people who want to connect with the Cran Brook and the River Roding into which it flows.   Interested?  Contact us!

Here is our Cran Brook blessing that set our intention at our Forest Garden Festival in 2023.

And here is the blog and video from our Forest Garden festival last year that proved to us that we ARE interested in our waterways...... great interest in Jeremy's river talks and lots of people stayed to the end to make a blessing for the Cran Brook.

The River Roding Trust is running a water quality training event in May and June. Here's the flyer for the May training on Thurs 23 May, but there's another one in June if you contact them.

Do get in touch if you are interested. We will be updating on the plans in future mailings.

Sam Ranasinghe and Ros Southern

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