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If you want to build a stronger community and create more sustainable ways to live, join us!

We're a grass-roots community group mostly run by volunteers. Anyone can be involved, whatever your interests, skills or experience.


How can you get involved?

  • Check out the volunteering opportunities

  • Come along to any of the events or activities on our calendar and make some connections.

Here are some examples of how you can help with TTI projects:

  • Getting involved with one of our projects or groups - for example, helping them to organise events, raise funds, or undertake research

  • Helping out at an event (e.g. on the door, or setting up)

  • Baking cakes for events

  • Distributing posters & leaflets

  • Create a new project or reinvigorate a dormant one - perhaps you've got an idea you'd like some support with!

  • Planting & pruning - helping to care for the community edible beds and fruit & nut trees (would you like to be a tree guardian?)

  • Offering specialist skills (financial, legal, marketing, communications, fundraising or business administration experience)

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