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About us


We hope to be a linking group for great community and green projects in Ilford and to expand our reach beyond food to renewal energy, sustainable transport, biodiversity and lots, lots more! 

Our Vision:

Ilford is a vibrant town where everyone works together through cooperation, caring and mutual support for the common good and that of our Planet. Ilford is a town that recognizes the threat of climate change and is working together on the solutions.

Our Mission:

We are a practical group of people that run events and activities to:

(a) build a local community that is interconnected, resilient and self-reliant,

(b) where lost skills are rediscovered, shared and new ones learnt

(c) promote the wellbeing of all living things.

How did the Transition movement start?

The Transition movement was initially a response to the threats of climate change and peak oil. Change had to happen – we can’t continue burning fossil fuels, using up resources and destroying the eco-systems on which we depend. Rather than waiting for governments to act, we can start looking around to see what we can do as local communities. We can also enjoy the process of coming together and starting to create the future we want for ourselves and generations to come.

Transition general flyer Apr 22.jpg


Our current steering group are:

Ros Southern (Coordinator)

Ruth Musgrave (Secretary)

Olcay Aniker

Shilpa Patel (Vice Secretary)

Sadek Chowdhuri (Treasurer)

Begoña Belmonte (Communications Officer)

Krystyna Retecka

Nnenna Anyanwu

We have over 600 active members who receive regular information on the projects we are undertaking.

Take a look at our projects - each one is led by one of our members.

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