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Food Coop

A taster of Zero Waste & Food coop at the Eco Christmas Market

Some of our members get together every two to three months to make a bulk order from an Organic Foods wholesaler. On the delivery day we get together to split and weigh up the products.  This is an excellent way of reducing packaging and costs.

We are happy to help you set up your own local food coop.


Food Fest

We celebrate our local food knowledge, finding out about growing food in Ilford, sharing recipes and hands-on demos, tips for reducing food waste and food for health.


We have run 3 fabulous Food Fest events at the Fold Cafe in Cranbrook Baptist Church on Wellesley Road. We have so many communities here and so much to learn and share, including how to grow your own, save waste, harvest local fruit/herbs/plants….

  1. Food tasters, demos, workshops

  2. Community  veggie soup making (bring surplus or unwanted veg)

  3. Recipe sharing / home grown produce sharing/ seeds sharing

  4. Give & Take food stall – just bring along any food you don’t want, including half opened jars

  5. Ilford herb teas

  6. And more…..

   Please get in touch with your ideas


Find out more about it here​

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