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Our review of the last couple of years for our AGM

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

What a lot we’ve achieved! Here is our fabulous report for our 2023 AGM

It's two and a half years to be proud of. This Annual Report was presented to our Annual General Meeting 19.5.23 by the volunteers involved in the projects to cover the period from December 2021 until April 2023. And this only includes the highlights!

We have had 65 active volunteers in this period. How many hours have we put in? Thousands probably. What is our contribution to Ilford worth? Priceless! What has our impact been? Connection, positivity, friendship, bridge building, education, learning, reducing the carbon footprint of Ilford, increasing the biodiversity, building up of partnerships, problem solving, inclusion…..

With much gratitude and pride in all the Volunteers.

With many thanks to our Funders and Partners


Our FOREST GARDEN LAUNCHED in December 2020! This has been a wonderful experience of both loving and diversifying the land we have been given in Valentines Park and also creating a wonderful, diverse, warm team of volunteers. We have been working on the land and on the community and have created an outdoor community centre alongside the Forest Garden.

Check our Blog here about the launch and our forest garden page for latest news


In April 2021 we launched GROWING FOOD, GROWING FRIENDS project. Ten neighbours contacted their neighbours for front garden food growing and relationship building in 10 different streets.

Check our blog here

In July 2021 we ran a series of PLASTIC FREE MORNING TEA EVENTS in front gardens leading up to a big for PLASTIC FREE JULY EVENT.

Check the blog here

In September 2021 we ran our first BRISBANE ROAD COMMUNITY ECO MARKET in partnership with Brisbane Road residents.

Check the Blog here

In December we LAUNCHED OUR REPAIR CAFE in Lab Central In Ilford library and have been running it ever since.

Check the blog here and our webpage here


In 2022 the Forest garden continued wonderfully all year with activities in all school holidays, 'Growing Food, Growing Friends' continued and the Repair Café.

In August – we LAUNCHED OUR ENERGY CAFÉ that has run fortnightly alongside the Repair café ever since

Check a blog here and our webpage here

In February 2022 we ran a festival to give blessings and love to the polluted Cran Brook.

Check our Blog here

And the Jerusalem Artichokes Festival...

In March 2022 we received the Redbridge Mayor's Award for Community.

In September we ran our first FOREST GARDEN FESTIVAL and evening Bat Walk. The event was attended by 250 people.

Check the Blog here


In December we ran our first CHRISTMAS ECO MARKET on Brisbane Road.

Check our Blog here


And in 2023 we have continued to develop all our ongoing projects and have developed working groups to run them.

At our Annual General Meeting we welcomed 3 new members Krystyna Retecka, Nnenna Anyanwu, Sadi Chowdhuri and gave our big thanks to Sobia Mahmud and Suhas Suhasina who stepped down earlier in the year.

We will continue to follow our Vision of Ilford where everyone works together through cooperation, caring and mutual support for the common good and that of our planet; and for a town that recognises the threat of climate change and we are working together on the solutions.

Ros Southern, Transition Ilford Coordinator

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