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  • Ros Southern

Ani finds out why his kitchen is so cold with our thermal camera

Ani couldn’t understand how his kitchen was so cold although his home has been well maintained and the rest of the house is warm enough in this cold weather.  He borrowed our Flir thermal camera and then it all made sense, as you can see from the photos. The darker the colour the greater the temperature differential between inside the home and outside. 

Our energy café volunteers have plenty of recommendations….

Our energy café can advise on tips and tricks to stop or control the cold air coming in, and have information on possible grants to make more structural changes.  Anil and some friends plan to come to the Energy café to get advice but here are some initial suggestions:


To borrow the camera, please email us at or contact via social media. We are on hand for all energy saving issues at the Energy Cafe on alternate Saturdays in Redbridge Central Library, Ilford. See here for the dates and times of the Energy cafe plus our list of useful information and tips.

"Thank you for the camera. It has been extremely useful. I found out why my kitchen was so cold …. the seals of the French door looks defective plus there are draughts all around. Overall, it has been a great help,"

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