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Bulb planting and fun at the Forest Garden in October!

The Forest Garden in Valentines Park is a bit like an outdoor community centre! There’s always things to do and there’s always people to meet and make friends with.

This was our October half term event and as you can see from the video we had a very good turnout. Bulbs have been planted around the site to show their beauty in Springtime. Playing is important so we’ve made some steppingstones that were immediately in use by the children!

There have been community gardening sessions every week on Friday mornings throughout 2021 and very many community events in half terms, holidays and celebratory events like the Summer Solstice! The regulars have been designing the space to build a community edible garden in an agroforestry style and have planted a wide range of shrubs, trees, herbs, spices and other plants to build biodiversity.

The Forest Garden is open to everyone and you can help as and when you can in very many different ways. Do get in touch if you are interested.

We are very much looking forward to this being a rich, biodiverse and very happy place for years and years to come.

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