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Fingers crossed for Frenford funding application to convert all lighting to LED

We launched our LED project in February with support from 2 London energy groups. We are working with a few community buildings in Ilford to raise funds to assist them in changing over their lighting to LEDs. This will make a big impact in that it will be lowering the carbon footprint of the buildings and will save them money.

Frenford Sports Club is currently awaiting the outcome of a funding bid to Veolia, with our support. As a building that is used 7 days a week from morning to night, it is envisaged that this flagship youth club and service can save around £8000 a year. If the funding is successful Transition Ilford will be working with Frenford to run activities and events highlighting energy and climate issues with the young people and other users.

Manager looking at lighting plans with Bonny (electrician), and Tim (Crew Energy)

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