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Volunteer blog on the joy of the Forest Garden

My experience of the Valentines Park Forest Garden has been joyful. Merging with nature is a divine experience. The invisible arms of nature is cleansing for the mind, body and soul. When our hands and feet come into contact with the soil it creates a radiance which flows through the entire body. It creates an alignment with the cosmic energy, strengthening the energy within towards an abundance of health. So, sit under a tree and bask in the glory of nature! I have contributed towards the construction of the Insectopia and sitting space. This has involved planting, digging the soil, creating pathways and learning about nature. It was wonderful being with the School children from the Read Academy on 28th January.

As a voluntary team we are showing/guiding the children on the beauty of nature and its wonderful fruits. The children were ecstatic when they were filling the wheelbarrows with wood-chip and they were swinging around like trees in the wind when they were working together in creating the pathways. The teachers were glowing in seeing the children enjoying a day out of the classrooms and witnessing the practical element of learning. They were shining like a thousand suns! Later on, the volunteers held the Jerusalem Artichoke Festival which was a delight. It was really lovely to taste such wonderful variations of the Artichoke root. It was great to sit and mingle with all the volunteers and eating collectively and sharing of foods was divine. Since volunteering I have met some wonderful people from the local community and there is a real sense of warmth and camaraderie. I love to volunteer so that I can support my local community in thriving so that we can create a sustainable future for years to come and future generations. Having children there too is wonderful. The children are the future of tomorrow and so teaching them about the earth and nature is important for our sustainability. Todays actions are tomorrows results. I would recommend for anyone to get involved and have the blissful experience of our wonderful Forest Garden and join the camaraderie and achievements which are soul nurturing. Rano Jhamat

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