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We want a building to create an environmental and community hub in Ilford

Ilford is in desperate in need of a community hub as a centre for environmental and community projects. So many people have been saying it for many, many years.

We know there are unused or under-used buildings in Ilford that we could transform, by collaborating with other local groups in a grassroots way.

We believe that there are owners or landlords (private or council or other) that would love to gift us the use of their building as their contribution to flourishing community life and cooperation in Ilford.

We want:

  1. A permanent building or fit-for-purpose space for no rent in Ilford, in or near the Commonwealth estate, and the resources to get it ready.

What we will do with it:

  1. Create a friendly and inclusive space that is a hive of activity

  2. Set up a community café

  3. Enable environmental projects based on sustainability: recycle-reuse-repairs, community energy, reduce food waste, get growing, food coops, upcycling, green technology and more

  4. Enable community and arts projects to help wellbeing, inter-generational contact, skills learning and sharing, and more

  5. Involve wide cultures, religions, ages, genders

  6. Create community spirit and a sense of belonging in Ilford

  7. Build the local sharing and money economy

How we will do it

  1. Involve our 150 members

  2. Build on our local community sector partnerships

  3. Visit neighbouring London boroughs to learn from them

  4. Start small with a big vision

  5. Get help, take advice, learn from mistakes

  6. Develop at a pace we can manage

  7. Income-generate, fundraise and raise support and sponsorships

Anyone with ideas or contacts of offers, get in touch! Join this grassroots transformation plan for Ilford.

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